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Moscow, Russia

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My name is Danil and I'm 14 years old. I live in Moscow, Russia. I'm in the 8th grade. I started modeling at the age of 12. My professional activities: fashion photography, photo shoots, fashion shows, participation in advertising. I collaborated with such brands as "sweet berry", "faberlic", "shaluny", "wildberries". But I know that my main successes are yet to come. The very first advertisement was a photograph of the school uniform and my first posting in the magazine. It was very exciting and amazing at the same time. I have been working in the theater studio for 4 years.

Awards and achievements: 

Among my achievements - the main roles in the performances, I have my fans. I have been fond of pop vocal for three years, the voice came unexpectedly and I began to train it. I got a lot of awards and prizes in junior performances. Especially important for me was the international contest of pop song performers "Pirogovo dawn 2016-2017". I also take part in charity concerts, where we raise money to help children from orphanages. I perform songs in three languages: Russian, English and Italian. I can say with confidence that my cover versions of the songs "Cuckoo", "Jamaica" and "Oh, darling" will not leave anyone indifferent.
Also I decided that I want to try myself in the cinema, so now I attend film school and dream to take part in the shooting of the popular blockbuster.

I used to have a little shooting experience in Russian comedy and shooting in a program on one of the Russian channels.
In the future, I dream of becoming a programmer, because I love exact sciences, I study foreign languages.
In the modeling business I have helpers. My main assistant is my mother. She started my Instagram and very soon I got a lot of followers. She sent out my questionnaire for different castings.

I made a beautiful portfolio and I began to get a lot of offers from fashionable customers.
I like being in front of the camera and I want to do it every day. I love beautiful clothes and shoes that need to be advertised. I like flashes of cameras, I feel famous. Working in modeling helps me feel independent. I myself earn money to buy a phone and a computer and make gifts for my mother.
It is also important to be kind and friendly.

When you have a good heart, many people want to cooperate with you, rejoice for you.
It makes me smile, showing my dimples.